Access and Inclusion Plans

The Australian Volunteers Program provides additional supports to people with disabilities through Access and Inclusion Plans.

The Australian Volunteers Program is inclusive, and actively supports people with disabilities to participate in the program. To ensure the support we provide is right for you, we work with volunteers with a disability on a case-by-case basis to complete an Access and Inclusion Plan.

Access and Inclusion Plans make your assignment more accessible by addressing potential issues identified by you, with input from our in-country teams and your prospective partner organisation. The plans can be used to address issues related to in-country assignments, such as support with pre-departure preparations and deployment, in-country daily travel and accommodation, and workplace adjustments; as well as issues related to remote assignments, such as communication or technology considerations.

How do I complete an Access and Inclusion Plan?

After you've found the right assignment and submitted your application through the volunteer portal, your Recruitment Coordinator will ask if you would like to complete an Access and Inclusion Plan.

At this point, you will be invited to complete the following process:

  1. Download and complete the Access and Inclusion Plan form. Remember, your Recruitment Coordinator is available to answer any questions!
  2. Submit your completed Access and Inclusion Plan form to
  3. Review of drafted Access and Inclusion Plan by your in-country team and prospective partner organisation, giving them an opportunity to provide their feedback on the support available.
  4. Discussion of in-country feedback with your Recruitment Coordinator.
  5. Completion of your Access and Inclusion Plan by the program's Access and Inclusion Panel.
  6. Distribution of the final Access and Inclusion Plan to yourself, the in-country team and your partner organisation for implementation.

Download the Access and Inclusion Plan form

Access and Inclusion Plan for in-country volunteers
Word document 32 KB

Access and Inclusion Plan for remote volunteers
Word document 35 KB