Lifestyle and support

Volunteering overseas offers a mix of experience and lifestyle that is hard to find at home. The Australian Volunteers Program supports you from preparing to go on assignment through to returning home.

How we support volunteers


Travel to assignment and visas

The Australian Volunteers Program covers return flights from Australia and appropriate visas for volunteers and approved accompanying dependents.

Learning and development 

Volunteer assignments provide opportunities for growth and can be challenging. Volunteers participate in pre-departure briefings, in-country orientation and language training, to transition into life as a volunteer, and develop new skills and capabilities.

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Health care and cover

Volunteer health and well-being is a priority. Volunteers receive medical assessments and vaccinations, have access to 24 hour emergency support, are covered by comprehensive insurance, and can access confidential counselling.

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Safety and security

Volunteer safety and security is of utmost importance. Volunteers receive comprehensive security information, develop their own Security Plan and have access to 24-hour emergency support.

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Living and accommodation

Allowances are provided to enable volunteers to maintain safe and secure accommodation and to have a modest lifestyle in their local community. The living allowance is designed to cover food, your daily commute, communication and other local costs.

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Partners and children

Volunteering can be a family affair. On longer assignments, approved partners and children may be supported to accompany you.

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