Returned Australian Volunteer Network (RAVN) Peer Mentoring

A mutually beneficial relationship for a better volunteering experience.


Due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, the Australian Volunteers Program made the decision to repatriate Australian volunteers. We have also temporarily suspended sending Australians overseas as skilled volunteers. Therefore, the launch of RAVN Peer Mentoring has also been suspended until new volunteer mentees can be recruited again. All RAVN will be notified when the mentoring resumes.

About RAVN Peer Mentoring:

The Australian Volunteers Program is excited to offer new and returned volunteers the opportunity to become involved in peer mentoring.

RAVN Peer Mentoring offers returned volunteer mentors and new volunteer mentees the opportunity to learn and grow through one-to-one mentoring relationships. Participants will expand their networks, gain new knowledge and share insights on the volunteer experience, all supported by a specially designed online mentoring platform.

There is no expectation for face-to-face meetings, with most contact made online through the mentoring platform.


RAVN Peer Mentoring

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RAVN Peer Mentoring will be launched to all volunteers in 2020.

Please contact RAVN Coordinator Grace Panggabean with any questions:

Jessica Richardson volunteers at the Vanuatu Association of Sport and National Olympic Committee (VASANOC) as a Disability Inclusion Officer. She’s alongside Friana Kwevira, who won Vanuatu’s first ever Commonwealth Games medal.
Sarah Bornstein volunteers as an Ambulance Clinical Support Officer with St John Ambulance, Papua New Guinea. In this photo she is with her colleague Jermaine Sarufa.