Australian partners

Australian organisations play an important role, supporting the development objectives of overseas partners and promoting the value of international volunteering.

Your organisation can partner for international development

Australian organisations partner with community, government and not-for-profit organisations in the Indo-Pacific region, working across a range of sectors to support sustainable development. 

The Australian Volunteers Program facilitates mutually beneficial partnerships between Australian and overseas organisations that can include 

  • Collaborating with overseas partners to develop volunteer assignments 
  • Establishing mentoring relationships between your staff, our volunteers and overseas partners 
  • Supporting the recruitment of volunteers through assignment promotion and referral 
  • Promoting the value of volunteering to your networks 
  • Contributing financially or in kind, where appropriate  


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Why you should partner with us

Through the Australian Volunteers Program, your organisation can:

  • Contribute to sustainable development in the Indo-Pacific region 
  • Develop existing networks and forge new partnerships with organisations overseas
  • Strengthen your organisation's reach and recognition in the Indo-Pacific region 
  • Develop staff flexibility, strategic thinking, resourcefulness and cross-cultural skills by encouraging them to become international volunteers 
  • Develop shared-value projects that offer mutual benefits to your organisation and overseas partners. 


Australian partners
Australian volunteer Michelle Sheehan with Reetina Katokita, Director Policy, Planning and Development at the Ministry of Education, Kiribati. Photo: Darren James
Australian volunteer Siobhan left with Indar at the MARS Symbioscience Mariculture facility a project supported by ACIAR.
Australian volunteer Siobhan (left) with Indar at the MARS Symbioscience Mariculture facility, a project supported by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. Photo: Darren James

Who are our Australian partners?

We partner with more than 40 Australian organisations including civil society organisations, education and training institutions, the private sector, professional associations and peak bodies, and UN and multilateral organisations including:

What are our priority areas?

The Australian Volunteers Program has identified piroritiy areas for partnership, which are based on a sectoral approach and determined by DFAT's strategic objectives. Currently, these areas are driven by the COVID-19 pandemic which focuses on strengthening health security, maintaining regional stability and stimulating economic recovery.


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