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We support partners across the Pacific, Asia, and Africa to help them achieve their objectives. We work with partners from a diverse range of sectors.

The power of partnerships

The Australian Volunteers Program is committed to developing strong, collaborative and sustainable partnerships with organisations across the Pacific, Asia, and Africa to help them achieve their development objectives. 

We support Australians to volunteer with our partners in-country and remotely. Our approach builds on decades of experience that shows that the most effective sustainable development is locally-led and locally-driven. 

A partnership with the program offers more than volunteering, it is also an opportunity to connect to a network of organisations committed to international development. 

Contact our local team in your region to learn more about how an Australian volunteer can support your organisation. 

Are you an Australian organisation? Learn more about how you can get involved.

Meet some of our partners from Indonesia:

Why you should partner with us

International organisations that partner with the Australian Volunteers Program are provided with skilled, well-prepared Australian volunteers who are committed to supporting those organisations to achieve their objectives. 

The program works collaboratively with partners to develop partnership plans, which map out a long-term plan to ensure volunteer contributions have a lasting impact on the capacity of your organisation.

Partnering with the Australian Volunteers Program is also an opportunity to connect with a network of organsiations committed to international development. The program is constantly adapting and identify new ways to work with and support our international partners by offering:  

Partner organisations with a remote volunteer also receive an IT allowance of $AUD 200 to help cover the costs associated with working remotely with a volunteer, such as internet, technology equipment, international phone calls and/or online conferencing facilities.   

How to become a partner organisation 

The program selects partners based on our guiding principles and includes a range of factors, such as how the organisation’s objectives align with its country’s development priorities, the Australian Government’s aid program, the Sustainable Development Goals and our Global Program Strategy. 

Find out more about the range of organisations and sectors we partner with in our partnerships brochure

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact your local in-country team for more information. 

Junior, a member of Vanuatu Rainbow Disability Theatre, sits in his wheelchair near the beach at sunset.
Wan SmolBag theatre is a non-profit community organisation in Vanuatu. Photo: Rainbow Disability Theatre
Sengsavang is a non-profit based in Laos which provides protection to girls at risk of trafficking and exploitation. Photo: Tegan Glenane
Staff at the Solomon Islands National Referral Hospital, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Staff working at the Solomon Islands National Referral Hospital in Honiara. Photo: Derol Konofilia Sanga